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We believe that education should prepare us for the real world, and that working on meaningful projects under the guidance of industry experts is one of the best ways to get there. We also believe in transparency, so we're sharing [or: we've created] an even more detailed look at our student outcomes.

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Project types

Competitive research

  • Heuristic analysis of competitors

Get insights into your competitors’ design strengths and weaknesses, with actionable recommendations:

User research

  • Research plan
  • Screener survey
  • User interviews
  • Persona development

Designers can offer several ways to help you better understand your users:

Usability testing

  • Summary of key findings and recommendations
  • Documentation of remote usability testing sessions

Usability testing can offer deep insight into your users’ experience of and interaction with your product, which can uncover strengths that should be highlighted and weaknesses and areas that need redesign:

Redesign and/or redesign recommendations

  • Heuristic analysis of product 
  • Recommendations for usability improvements
  • Wireframes and/or mockups

There are several ways to optimize the UI/UX based on the findings from the previous categories:

A typical project will include 1-2 bullet points from the following and design recommendations with wireframes/mocks as the final deliverable.

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Springboard will reach out to schedule a call and help build out a project scope that fits your needs

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During the typical 4 week process, the UI/UX Designer (with guidance from their Springboard mentor- professional designers from top companies like Uber, Google and Amazon) will dedicate 40-50 hours to the project, and have a weekly check in call with you.

You’ll receive the final deliverables and provide feedback via a quick survey. 

How does it work?

Eligibility & Expectations

Companies of all stages and sizes are welcomed

Apps, websites and software UI/UX needs have benefited most from this program

Product, or final deliverable, must be in English

Have a weekly check in call with your designer throughout the project

The work produced through this project can be shared on your designers portfolio

Projects Sourced From Leading Accelerator Programs

"This was an AMAZING experience and just the perfect amount of commitment.  We got a lot of design feedback, ideas, and a new prototype for an important new screen." 

— Gobi, Learning Dollars Talent

"We had a very positive experience — found her very responsive, easy to work with; she asked good questions, had a strong command in the subject area, and delivered exactly what we wanted to accomplish — wireframes for website we’re revamping and incorporating into the platform at the moment.”

 — Diana, AngelHack

“Communication was great — we were able to have a meeting every week; she had her work done on time + asked any questions she needed. She didn’t need hand-holding and seemed so eager."

— Vikram, Pundit

Viktorija Matiusenok

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Lauren Rosenberg

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