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We believe that education should prepare us for the real world, and that working on meaningful projects under the guidance of industry experts is one of the best ways to get there. We also believe in transparency, so we're sharing [or: we've created] an even more detailed look at our student outcomes.

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As part of our UX Design Career Track, we’re matching companies like yours with our aspiring UX designers—working professionals with expertise in adjacent areas (marketing, research, coding, visual design) who are upskilling through our advanced UX course. 

We’re accepting project requests that our designers will work on pro bono for 40-50 hours over four weeks, producing deliverables that meet your company’s needs. They'll gain real-world experience and you'll receive high-quality UX design work.

Project types

Competitive research

  • Heuristic analysis of competitors

Get insights into your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, with actionable recommendations

User research

  • Research plan
  • Screener survey
  • Identifying user interview candidates
  • User interviews
  • Affinity mapping of user interview data
  • Empathy mapping
  • Personas
  • Problem statement generation 
  • Presentation of research

Students can offer several ways to help you better understand your users:

Usability testing

  • Summary of key findings and recommendations
  • Documentation of remote usability testing sessions

Usability testing can offer deep insight into your users’ experience of and interaction with your product, which can uncover strengths that should be highlighted and weaknesses and areas that need redesign:

Redesign and/or redesign recommendations

  • Heuristic analysis of product 
  • Recommendations for usability improvements
  • Wireframes and/or mockups

Students can offer several ways to help you better understand your users:

Do you have a different project idea? Send us a request and we’ll see if it’s a fit.

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We’ll match you with the best fit from our UX design program.

Your newest team member will schedule a kick-off meeting.

During the four-week process, the UX designer (with guidance from their Springboard mentor) will dedicate 40-50 hours to the project, regularly checking in with you.

You’ll receive the final deliverables.

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