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We believe that education should prepare us for the real world, and that working on meaningful projects under the guidance of industry experts is one of the best ways to get there. We also believe in transparency, so we're sharing [or: we've created] an even more detailed look at our student outcomes.

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We believe in working with companies that are aligned with our mission and values because together, we can bridge the world’s skills gap by enabling every individual to acquire the skills needed to advance their career

Supporting immigrants & refugees looking to rebuild their careers in the United States.

Students collaborating to help Google-backed non-profits have stronger online presence.

Immersive experience that combines learning, travel, and community to change careers.

Upskilling the remote workforce.

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Students collaborating with AngelHack startups to research and design better products.

Helping future designers create their greatest work, all with Adobe’s experience design platform.

Setting up women for success in the technology field.

Offering affordable loans (with as low as 0% APR) to our students 

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